Behavioral Health Skills

The Community Workshop and Training Center Behavioral Health Employment Skills Training program provides recovery based clinical and case management services to individuals with a serious mental illness diagnosis. The program utilizes a structured remunerative work program, group skills training, individual counseling and therapy, psycho-education, and community support services to promote maximization of symptom management and independent functioning. Comprehensive annual individual treatment plans are developed on the basis of thorough mental health assessments and clinical diagnostics. Individual program participation is based on the consumer’s individual interests, needs, and desires and may range from a few hours to five full days per week.

Entrance Requirements:

 Documented mental health diagnosis that causes a barrier to employment or independence.

Eighteen years of age or older.

 Desire to become more independent.

 Ability to self-medicate.

 Must not be a danger to self or others.

Staff Requirements

All staff members are trained in basic first aid, CPR and CPI (crisis intervention). As required by program certification, staff members have also successfully completed direct service provider curriculum. All staff are trained in Illinois mandated Rule 50.


Monday-Friday, 8:00AM – 3:30PM

“CWTC provides persons with serious and persistent mental illness the opportunity to engage in a variety of clinical services. Persons served may learn techniques to manage symptoms through the development of knowledge, understanding, planning and support leading to improved quality of life and recovery.”

~Don Rulis
Administrator of
Vocational Services