Community Employment

CWTC’s Community Employment program helps individuals with disabilities find jobs in the community. The program provides employment transition, employment planning, employee development, job-site development, job-site training and job support services to individuals with disabilities. The initial phase of gathering evaluative information and performing thorough job exploration and job match are key elements to having a successful program. Establishing relationships with local business leaders and employers is also key to achieving successful outcomes for individuals in this program. CWTC is happy to provide tax incentive information, disability awareness training, job coaching and twenty-four hour support to community employers.

Entrance Requirements:

  • Documented disability that causes a barrier to being employed in the community.
  • Eighteen years of age or older.
  • Desire to become more independent.
  • Ability to self-medicate.
  • Meet state vocational rehabilitation acceptance guidelines.
  • Must not be a danger to self or others.Staff Requirements

All Community Employment staff must complete training in Crisis Prevention (CPI), Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) , First Aid, and Consumer Rights & Confidentiality training.

General Information

Hours meet needs of employer

“CWTC Employment Services provide persons with disabilities the opportunity to maximize their employment potential through levels of employment support and access to community job placements. CWTC strives to assist persons served to reach their desired
employment outcome.”

~Don Rulis
Administrator of Vocational Services