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This page is for our consumers and their families and friends. You will find information about activities at CWTC along with special upcoming activities and fundraisers. There is other information you might find interesting and relative to you as a person who cares about what their loved one is experiencing at CWTC as well as ways you can participate and take an active role in their life. If you think of anything that should be added to this page, do not hesitate to let us know. This page is for you!

Rick Stephenson
Communications/PR Coordinator

309-686-3300, Ext. 221

Periodically, we get asked if CWTC has a wishlist. Yes, we do! There are a list of items we use on a regular basis. Some we use at the main facility, while others may be used at one of our residential facilities throughout Central Illinois. You may be looking to donate a new item, or have a gently used item you would like to pass along. Check back often as we periodically update the list. You can view by clicking here!
Become A Volunteer

CWTC is currently seeking volunteers in the areas of basic skills, computer skills, arts and crafts, gardening, and music. We would love to have you give us a few hours a week to enhance the services that our folks are already receiving. If you have skills to share, please contact Debra Cline at (309) 686-3300.
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Case Managers

Here is a list of our case managers. You can click on their name to email them.

Jen Shadowens

Patty Hathcock

Deb Ogden

Bill Michael

Mark Beason

Rod Joos

Kelsey Messineo


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