2023 Pathway Awards in Full Bloom

2023 Pathway Awards in Full Bloom
October 4, 2023 CWTC

CWTC celebrated its annual Pathway Awards Dinner on Tuesday, Aug. 1, at the Holiday Inn Grand Prairie in Peoria. The theme of this year’s event was “Community Garden.” We celebrated our consumers who achieved their personal and professional goals throughout the year at the workshop as well as in the community. We also recognized and supported local businesses and partnerships, many of which donated goods and services to help make the night such a great success. It was an evening of bringing the community together and growing together to support adults with disabilities on their pathway towards independence.

This year’s awards and winners:

Consumer Awards

  • Production Achievement – Kanan & Maria
  • Gail M. Leiby Rising to Success – Margaret, Julie, Elizabeth, Tim, & Dan
  • On My Own – Matt
  • Out and About – Brad

Employee Awards

  • Champion of the Mission – Kate Simmons, Sarah Kaprau

Business/ Partnership Awards

  • Advocacy Award – SpringHealth
  • Employer of the Year Award – The Popcorn Shoppe
  • Ralph B. Fairchild – Larry Resutko
  • Business Partnership – TCRC
  • Community Partnership – Picket Fence Foundation
  • Nancy Fine Volunteer – Jeff Ward