A Message from Our Executive Director

CWTC began in 1960 with 13 consumers and one staff member. We have grown into an organization supporting 450 individuals with disabilities in the Central Illinois area, with a staff of over 110. Our goal is to build the potential for independence for our consumers. Every individual that participates in our programs receives services based on their own preferences, needs and dreams. Together we work to make sure that their dreams become a reality. Our role is to provide continuous improvement in the programs we offer, ensuring the services provide the best possible opportunity for success. Please feel free to visit us to get a better understanding of the quality programs we offer. We welcome your feedback.


Patti Gratton
Executive Director

Patti Gratton


Patti Gratton
Executive Director

Jim Croke
Chief Operating Officer

Paul Garvey

Amy Suprunowski
Marketing & Events Coordinator

Megan Louchart
Administrator of Community Services

Karen McMenamin
Administrator of Program Services

Mona Robinson
Administrator of Residential Services

Don Rulis
Administrator of Vocational Services

Board of Directors

Lindsey Birkel

Larry Resutko

Tony Lees

Danielle Baker

Shelli Brocksmith

Amy Chatterton-Hassler

Kenneth Diana

Aaron Gigous

Jamie Mammen

Alison Morrissey

Stephanie Webster

Gabe Weigelt

Jennifer Wick

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