Community Integration

Community Workshop and Training Center’s Community Integration Program provides a goal oriented program of services that assist in the development of skills in the areas of community access, communication, socialization, pre-vocational skills and academic skills. The Community Integration Program offers opportunities for participants to achieve their goals in community settings, work settings and classroom training areas. This program also offers volunteer opportunities for persons served to enhance their training opportunities. The Older Adult Program focuses on the issues associated with the impact of aging on social, physical, employment and psychosocial needs.

Entrance Requirements:

Documented developmental disability.

Ability to self-medicate.

Sixteen years of age or older.

Ambulate independently with or without the help of assistive devices.

Must not be a danger to self or others.

Staff Requirements

All staff members are trained in basic first aid, CPR and CPI (crisis intervention). As required by program certification, staff members have also successfully completed direct service provider curriculum. All staff are trained in Illinois mandated Rule 50.


General Information



Monday-Friday, 8:00AM – 3:30PM

“Individuals with disabilities served by the Community Integration program develop greater independence through access to a variety of community based instructional activities of their choice. Activities are goal-oriented and provided at times that meet the needs of the individual. Persons served by the Older Adult program have the opportunity for linkages to community senior services and programming designed to enhance their lives.”

~Don Rulis
Administrator of Vocational Services