Organizational Employment

Community Workshop and Training Center’s Organizational Employment Program provides a supervised, sheltered work experience in contract work at CWTC or community based projects. Individual service plans use goals, which work toward meeting the skills needed for a job in the community. Training areas include packaging, packing, machine area, dock work, production office, carton room, special services, light assembly, janitorial services, building and grounds maintenance, house-keeping services and other community-based training experiences.

Entrance Requirements:

 Documented disability that causes a barrier to being employed in the community.

Eighteen years of age or older.

 Desire to become more independent.

 Ambulate independently with or without the help of assistive devices.

 Ability to self-medicate.

 Must not be a danger to self or others.

“CWTC provides janitorial services to many government buildings such as the Federal Courthouse, TSA, Naval Marine Corps Reserve Center and the Army Corps of Engineers Waterway and downtown offices, through a nationally recognized program called SOURCE AMERICA.”

~Mary Ditch,

Custodial Quality Supervisor



Monday-Friday, 7:30AM – 4:00PM

“Caterpillar provided our very first revenue generating contract in 1960. Our workforce of 200 people now process and allocate more than half a million pieces of work for CAT each week. Every year, our workers meet or exceed the high standards of quality and velocity expected by CAT.”

~Jim Croke,

Chief Operating Officer

Staff Requirements

All Community Employment staff must complete training in Crisis Prevention (CPI), Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), First Aid, and Consumer Rights & Confidentiality training.


General Information