2023 Inspiring Abilities Art Show

2023 Inspiring Abilities Art Show
November 9, 2023 CWTC

2023 Inspiring Abilities Art Show

We are beyond grateful to everyone who contributed to the success of our Inspiring Abilities Art Show! It was a beautiful evening!

To our artists: you inspire us all with your unique perspectives and beautiful artwork; thank you for pouring your creativity into each piece you create!

To The Hive, the Peoria Art Guild, Leo’s Art Studio, and Pumpkin Glass Gallery & Studio: thank you for your generous support and unwavering belief in the power of art to showcase abilities beyond limits. Your commitment to inclusivity has made this event truly extraordinary.

Fashion Week Peoria: your models were amazing and the behind-the-scenes team was unmatched! You helped bring our vision to life and brought an extra layer of magic to the show.

Turas: you brought the energy with your music and created an electric atmosphere!

A special thank you to our board member, Larry Resutko and artist, Aareon Boyd, for their dedication and contributions to CWTC. It’s individuals like them who help drive initiatives and create meaningful collaborations.

We are so grateful to everyone who attended and/or supported our Inspiring Abilities Art Show. Thank you for being part of our mission to celebrate abilities and foster a community that values inclusion. Together, we created a space where abilities shine, and barriers fade away.